July 16, 2024

The moment you are diagnosed with ovarian cancer, the first thing that is going to strike you is the prognosis. If you are aware of this it could prove to be very helpful and at the same time, it could be termed as a mere guideline. The individual point of view would depend upon a host of factors like your overall health along with age.

What is the staging process as far as an ovarian cancer is concerned

The first thing that would come to your mind is the extension or the stage of ovarian cancer. With staging, it does mean on how far cancer has gone on to spread and how progressive you do consider it. If the doctors are aware of the stage it does help them to formulate a treatment plan and at the same time you are in a position to figure out the expectation levels

As far as the staging process evolves it is based on a system. A physical examination is conducted with a host of other tests. They include

  • The tumour size
  • The depth by which the tumour has gone in along with the ovaries structures
  • Whether cancer has gone on to spread to other areas of the body as well

Once the surgery is being undertaken the doctor is in a position to figure out the exact size of the tumour. It has to be accurate staging as then only the doctor would be in a position to formulate an accurate plan of treatment.

In stage 1 cancer should not have spread beyond the ovaries. Ideally, it does mean that the cancer is in the ovary only. In stage 1 B the cancer is in both the ovaries and stage 1C does mean a combination of all of them.

In stage 2 the cancer is in both the ovaries and has gone on to spread to other regions of your pelvis. In stage 3 it does replicate the same situation but you would find it in the lining of the abdomen as well. The chances of it being spread over to the lymph nodes are also possible. To conclude stage 4 is the most advanced stage of this cancer. It does point to the fact that cancer has gone on to spread beyond the ovaries. In fact, it could have reached to the distant organs of the human body like the lungs or the brains.

The prognosis would depend upon the type and stage of cancer you find yourself at. This is a very complex surgery and only the best hands in the business should go on to performs it. The chances of complications do increase if you try with novices. At the same time, the cost of ovarian cancer treatment in India does work out to be among the cheap options. Do not commit the mistake of the cost only as the quality of treatment does have an important say in the choice of treatment as well.