July 16, 2024
Buy Delta 8 Products

Delta-8 products are some of the most powerful and safest chemicals you can find on the research chemical market. They have a long history as functional enhancers for academics and self-exploration, but it is important to note that no substance or combination of substances is required. If you have the money to spend, buy delta 8 can be an invaluable tool in your biohacking arsenal.


Delta-8 products are typically sold in liquid form at 10mg per drop. The price varies depending on the vendor but generally ranges from 18 to 30 dollars for 3ml, which will last 40 days if taken at 100ug dosage three times a day. If not due to tolerance building, one could easily take their daily dose in one sitting with little risk of overdose, so dosage is typically more convenient. This particular product has a strong bitter taste, but the vendor sells ‘flavored’ versions, which mask it quite nicely.


The effects of delta-8 products last 4 to 8 hours, depending on tolerance and dosage. It’s common to feel the effects about 45 minutes after dosing, with full effects reaching their peak at 1 hour and lasting anywhere from 3 to 5 hours. The experience is very similar to other tryptamines such as psilocybin or LSD; tactile enhancement, bodily euphoria, and increased empathy are commonly reported characteristics. Many note that they suddenly feel like they’ve dropped acid halfway through what was supposed to be a low dose (delta-8 can be as subtle as a glass of wine or as intense as a completely blown acid trip). They also report the experience being generally more manageable and less likely to induce bad trips than other psychedelics.

Buy Delta 8 Products


Delta-8 products can be used for creativity boosting purposes similar to LSD, though it may not have quite the same punch at a lower dose. It does provide some MDMA style empathogenic effects that can be helpful in social settings where self-introspection is less desired.


In terms of safety, buy delta 8 are probably among the safest substances you could ever find—they’re non-poisonous, non-addictive, and noncarcinogenic. Unlike tryptamines such as DMT, they do not produce intense hallucinations; instead, they make it much easier to enter an altered state. They can be used daily without risk of excess or severe damage to the brain and body, a far cry from many stimulants which wreak havoc on dopamine pathways.


They can also be taken in combination with other substances such as caffeine or nicotine for increased productivity, especially when combined with tryptamines such as choline or LSD that improve creativity.


Compared to its closest analogs, DMT and psilocybin delta-8 seem to have a longer half-life (at least 5 hours), more substantial empathogenic effects, and less psychedelic effects; these differences may warrant better results therapeutic use than either compound alone could offer.