July 16, 2024

Women all over the world know that taking care of their skin is one of the major keys to looking young and your best. Many women suffer from melasma, which is a condition that is caused by hyperpigmentation in the skin. This can occur at any time but is common during pregnancy and causes the skin of the face to look very dull, thanks in part to a patchy discolouration that is brown and spreads across the face. It is sometimes butterfly-shaped and usually affects people with a darker skin tone; however, it can be treated by an expert company that has experience with dealing with this discolouration.

Causes of Melasma

More than half of all pregnant women are affected by this skin discolouration, which can affect not only their appearance but also how they feel about themselves. Scientists and doctors aren’t entirely sure what causes melasma during pregnancy but some think that it is because melanin is stimulated and this leads to a pigmentation problem.Other women on hormone treatment may have melasma as the skin will be more prone to pigmentation changes after being exposed to the sun. In these cases, it’s important to wear sunscreen when outdoors to reduce the chance of this occurring.

Finally, some women are predisposed genetically to melasma, which can be frustrating for women as they feel as if they have no chance of escaping this condition. It’s important that these women avoid melanin production to ensure prevention.


One of the ways to treat melasma is to indulge in a skin treatment package in Singapore. These can help treat the brownish patches on the face and make them less apparent, which will also make the patient’s skin look more even, healthy, and young. There are three main ways to treat melasma, all of which will lighten the condition but not completely remove it. Facials, lasers, and topical treatments are all used worldwide. They each work with varying degrees of success and all come with their own sets of drawbacks, including dry skin, stinging, and sun sensitivity.

If you are not happy with the appearance of your skin and want smoother, healthier, and clearer-looking skin, then you will need to turn to the experts at treating melasma. With many different treatment options, there is sure to be one that is right for you and your particular condition. An expert will be able to help you decide on a treatment plan and then implement it to quickly have you looking your best again. You shouldn’t have to deal with skin that makes you feel uncomfortable and with melasma treatment performed by quality specialists, you no longer have to live with this unsightly condition.